Best Dog Clipper 2017 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nothing But The Best Dog Clipper For Your Pet

All of us love our dogs don’t we? They are this bundle of energy that never gives up, no matter how many times you tell them play time is over. They spread positive energy and happiness just by wagging that tail. Just like us humans, the dogs need to be groomed and taken care of too. Different breeds have different type of fur and hence different kind of maintenance. Think of those thick coats in summer, it is sure to send your mind into an overdrive when you want to buy the best dog clipper in the market, to not only make your job easier, but to also make it as comfortable as possible for your dear pet.

Here is a list of six of the best dog clippers in the market, that are not only pet friendly, but will also ensure you can trim that fur yourself at home, as these instruments are compact and easy to use.​

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Brief Review of Top 6 Best Professional Dog Clipper In 2017

1. Excel 5 Speed Clipper From Andis​


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Hunting for a clipper that can groom your dog without any hassle? Want to groom your favourite pet A.K.A. your best friend by your own hands? Andis a very well known and popular brand when it comes to grooming, not just yourself, but also your pets, has the perfect clipper for your dog. You don’t have to worry about shaving sensitive areas any more. The Excel 5 speed clipper ensures easy grooming. It is light, compact, and easy to use and a top rated dog clipper.



8 x 2.5 x 10 inches


2.4 pounds

Model number

AD65410 43



Speed Levels


Product Features:

Some of the features of this product that make it a top rated dog clipper are:​

1. Powerful

This powerful clipper has a rotary motor to help you groom your dog completely. It is designed in such a way to facilitate precise trimming, so that you are not left with a pet with too much or too little fur.

2. Easy To Use​

Different texture and thickness of fur requires different speed settings and this dog clipper facilitates just that with its 5 variable speeds that can be changed according to your needs. The instrument also has a new anti-slip grip that is soft and contoured to fit your hand perfectly and not slip away while you are struggling with an uncooperative pet.

3. Easy To Clean

The clipper is fitted with ceramic edge #10 blades. The blades can be easily removed and attached back easily. This makes it easy to clean the blades once you are done clipping your dog’s fur.

4. Colours

For those of you who love to add some colour even to your pet’s grooming kit, the Excel 5 Speed clippers come in two colours – lime green and purple.​


  • These clippers are easy to use.
  • Light weight.
  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Different speeds to clip different areas
  • Perfect size to fit in your hand comfortably.


  • Tends to heat up after few minutes of use.
  • Blades need to be changed regularly.
  • Regular use may require the cord to be changed within a year’s time

Why This Clipper?

This is one of the top rated dog clippers available in the market today. It is preferred by many customers due to its light weight and easy to handle technology. The anti-slip grip ensures your clipper does not slip and fall or cause any trimming mishap. Many professional groomers are favouring this clipper. It is seen to be increasingly favoured for in house grooming, so that not much time or money is wasted by going to a professional groomer. Not only will you have to travel to a strange place with your pet, your dog may not be very comfortable getting groomed by a total stranger. These clippers ensure you can get the job done easily at your own house, by your own hands.​

How to Maintain Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper (Source:

2. Andis Vet Pak Detachable Blade Clipper Kit for Veterinarians, Professional Equine and Livestock Grooming, AGR+ (65340)


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Another clipper from the renowned brand Andis, this clipper is for professional use especially for veterinarians. It can be used for both equine and livestock grooming.



7.2 x 2 x 2 inches


4.4 pounds


Heavy Duty

Model Number


Some of the amazing features of this clipper are:

1. Brilliant Blades​

The Andis AGR+ Vet Pak is equipped with 4x4 blades that can be easily detached and attached back. This enables you to remove the blades and wash them after every use. This clipper has 25% more blade torque when compared to other blades in the market. It runs at an whooping 3,800 strokes per minute. Now isn’t that just perfect to trim your pets’ fur in less time? In addition to all this the clipper comes with a 40SS blade.​

2. Heavy Duty

This clipper is designed for heavy usage. Unlike many others in the market that can be used only on light fur or for a very short period of time, this AGR+ can be used to professionally groom not just dogs but live stock too. All of us are aware how varied the fur of live stock is, in terms of thickness and texture. This clipper can be easily used to trim the fur of equine and live stock.

3. Long Lasting

This clipper can be used for a whole hour when it is fully charged. You don’t have to take breaks every few minutes to let the instrument cool down. No more worrying about how to get your animal under control every time you want to groom it.

4. Temperature Controlled

This AGR+ trimmer stays cool without any in-built fans. This not only makes the instrument light weight, but it is compact and you don’t have the extra noise of a fan running along when you trim your pet. Nobody wants extra noise that can scare your pet more.​

5. Chargeable​

The clipper comes with two battery packs that can be used one after the other, for a whole hour, continuously. All you have to do is, put it on charge over night for maximum performance and you are ready for round two of trimming. Are you a veterinarian who visits his patients at their respective residences? Worry not your AGR+ Vet Pak also has a car adaptor which charges very quickly. Now you can visit more than just one patient and groom them at ease.

6. Mobility​

The clipper can be charged and used without the cord. This enables you to use the clipper anywhere, without the hindrance of a wire running in between and you don’t have to worry about a plug socket in the dog shed either.

7. Well Equipped Kit​

It is a 7 piece kit that consists of the following in a durable hard case which makes it easy to carry around without your equipment getting damaged.​

  • Additional pack of battery
  • Charger stand
  • Mini stand cord adapter
  • Blade oil
  • Car charger adapter


  • Long lasting batteries
  • Easily rechargeable (both in your car and home/ office)
  • Usage mobility
  • Compatibility with other blades


  • The heavy duty blades may hum more than what can be tolerated by some dogs.
  • Size may be big to use around toes or paws of small dogs.

Why This Clipper?

Why invest heavily in professional trimming when you can get one yourself and trim your dog yourself. Many of our dogs have thick fur and we like to explore the trimming options. Now you can do that to your pet, yourself.​

3) Bravura Professional Cord/ Cordless Pet Clipper Kit from Wahl


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Looking for the best professional dog clipper? Look no further; here is the perfect clipper from Wahl.



7" x 1.69" x 1.44"inches


8.8 Ounces

Model number



1 Year Professional Warranty

Product Features

Some of the great features of this professional dog clipper are:

1. Easy To Use​

This professional dog clipper uses the new innovative lithium ion technology. Despite being light weight, this clipper is power packed with adjustable blades to suit your varying needs. the battery can be recharged very quickly and lasts long.​

2. Speed Control

The speed can be continuously adjusted as per your requirement. You can change the speed depending on which area you are trimming. Some areas need high speed and some sensitive or thick areas require you to operate the equipment at low speed to avoid hurting your pet.

3. Blades

This clipper comes with a 5 in 1 blade. It uses blades of 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40. The instrument is power packed and delivers 5000 strokes per minute.

4. Convenient To Use​

The clipper can be used both, with the cord or without the cord. When used without the cord, the clipper can run up to 90 minutes on battery.

5. Pet Friendly

The last thing you need is a noisy clipper that scares away your pets. This clipper is extremely quiet and can go through coats very quickly and efficiently. There is very little vibration and the clipper is perfect for feet and face.​


  • Can be used with both cord or without cord
  • Battery recharges fast
  • Can operate 90 long minutes on battery
  • Size and shape convenient to hold
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is very fragile

Why This Clipper?

If you want to professionally trim the coat of your pet and don’t want to rush to a professional every time, this clipper is a good investment option for you.​

Wahl Professional Dog Grooming Bravura Prep (Source:

4) Whal Professional Animal Motion Lithium Ion Clipper


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Love to trim your dog yourself at home? You not only need a good clipper but you need the best cordless dog clipper so that you don’t have the trouble of handling a wire along with that over active dog of yours.

Product Specifications​


7.5 x 2.25 x 2 inches


9.4 Ounce

Model number



1 Year Professional Warranty

Product Features

Some of the features of this product that makes it worth buying are:

1. Comfortable To Use​

This clipper from Wahl comes with a new scissor grip handle that can be removed and adjusted according to your comfort. This enables you to have stability when you change the grip style and also prevents the clipper from slipping out of your hands while trimming. The clipper can be used without the cord too, thus giving you the mobility when you are trimming the coat of your pet.

2. Smart Battery

The Wahl clipper uses lithium ion battery that not only charges till the required limit, it doesn’t get over heated either. It consumes only as much energy required recharging fully, there is no risk of overcharging. The battery requires only about 45 minutes to charge fully. This allows you to finish trimming all your dogs the same day.​

3. Safe

The clipper doesn’t get heated up and hardly makes any sound. The vibration is also less, thus making it very dog friendly.

4. Efficient

It can run for 90 minutes on battery and delivers about 5500 strokes per minute. This makes it easy to glide through any kind of fur. The long lasting battery enables you to trim the coat of your dog in one sitting and doesn’t require you to take breaks as the clipper can go through any kind of fur, very efficiently.

5. Adjustable Blades

The clipper is equipped with a 5 in 1 pro blade that can be adjusted to various sizes such as 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40.

6. Combs

It also has 6 different attachable guide combs to suit different types of fur. The 6 combs are of different sizes and you can change them according to the thickness of your dog’s fur.

7. Well Equipped

The clipper comes with a cleaning brush and blade oil too, to enable you to maintain the blades in pristine condition. The blade tab is also stronger than before, therefore ensuring it doesn’t break as and when you detach or attach the blades.

8. Charge Status

The clipper has battery level display that enables you to keep track of the battery level as you operate the clipper. The battery level is indicated in three colours – Green for 100-50%, Orange for 49-25% and red for below 25%.​


  • Enables you to keep track of the battery
  • Easy to change blades
  • Equipped with different size combs for different coats
  • Comfortable grip to eliminate slippage
  • Long lasting cordless operation
  • Quick recharge


  • The clipper needs some time off before you start trimming the next dog.

Why This Clipper?

Do you love trimming the coat of your dog, yourself? This clipper not only enables you to give your dog a professional trim, but also enables you to do it in very little time. If you want to do a quick job by yourself at home or if you are a professional dog trimmer who doesn’t want to spend much time on each dog, these are the best cordless dog clippers for you.​

Wahl Pet Grooming Tips and Techniques (Source:

5. Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper


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If you would like your children to look prim and proper then so should your dog. No one likes a man with an unkempt beard or a dog with untidy fur. Here’s introducing one of the best dog clippers that will give your dog a clean look.

Product specifications​


6 x 3 x 12 inches


2 pounds

Model number



One year warranty


Some of the features of this product that makes it worth buying are:​

1. Powerful two-speed monitor

The two speed monitor is a safe and secure feature of this clipper. The low speed can be used for the face, the feet and the belly. The sensitive parts of the body need to be handled with care and sensitivity. The lower speed is very useful in delicate situations as these. There is a lot at stake when the speed cannot be monitored or adjusted. Having a two speed monitor is indeed a very useful feature of the Zany Zebra clippers.

2. Detachable blade system​

The versatility of these clippers comes from the fact that the blade system is detachable. There is more efficient grooming possible because of this feature.

3. Powerful universal rotary motor​

The cool running motors are indeed very powerful and are the perfect tools of a professional dog groomer. The skills of the expert are perfectly matched with the speed and efficiency provided by these clippers. It saves a lot of time especially when it comes to big hairy dogs such as the Old English Sheep Dogs or the English Springer Spaniels. These dogs are fairly high maintenance creatures and need utmost care and precise work done on them to pull off their look. It is not possible to do everything at home and sometimes easier to leave it to the experts who know their tools and tricks of the trade. A clipper such as Oster A5 Turbo 2 Speed Zany Zebra Clipper comes in very handy with dogs that have heavy or matted coats. Collies and chow chows

4. Additional features​

They come with a number ten blade, blade guard, cleaning brush, blade oil. Grease, extra brush and a spring set. The manual with instructions are easy to understand and very useful a guide as to how the product can be used.​


  • Unbreakable housing
  • Faster blade speeds
  • Wider blade speeds
  • Highly versatile
  • Compatible with all A5 blades
  • Quick and very easy blade changes
  • Designed to last
  • High performance


  • These clippers are much too powerful for a person who is inexperienced in this act.
  • A new comer or a novice might not be able to handle this equipment.
  • It is the perfect two speed clipper best used by professionals and experts.

Why this clipper?

The reason why these clippers are on the best dog clippers in the world is the efficiency and the speed with which the dog can be groomed. These virtually unbreakable clippers can manage to approximately 4,000 strokes in a minute. Additional versatility is delivered because the blades can be detached. This is a huge advantage and can be appreciated by dog lovers and pet owners alike. The smooth way in this the clippers can glide through the thick coarse hair easily is a well admired advantage that these clippers have over many others.

These clippers are professionally designed and can be used on all breeds of dogs. They can even be used on other large animals such as horses and cats.​

Buy Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Hair Clipper | Buy It On Sale Now In 2016 (Source:

6. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit 16 pc. set #9484-300


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Pet grooming refers to both the cleanliness and the hygiene care of the pet. It is essential both for enhancing the looks of the dog and keeping him free from ticks and skin diseases. Professional dog groomers as well as pet owners can own these pet grooming kit. It comes in very handy. One of the best way to show your dog that you care is to own one of these. Grooming is essential to the overall well being and the health of the dog. It has a deep impact on the life span of the pet as well. All breeds of dogs need regular grooming on a daily basis. The amount of grooming depends naturally on the breed of the dog, his age and the health issues, if any. The dog is most comfortable when clean and healthy. Grooming ensures that the dog is checked properly for issues that might otherwise be missed out such as cuts and ticks.



1.5 x 2 x 6.5 inches


1 pound

Model number



Two year warranty along with 30 day satisfaction guarantee


1. Quiet

No dog would like a noisy and loud equipment being worked on it. One of the most important features of the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit 16 pc. set #9484-300 is that it is very pet friendly. They are willing to sit and let the work be done on them. You do not have to worry about the dog being frightened away by the excessive heat and noise. That is taken care of because of the impeccable designing.

2. Medium Duty Patented 'Super Shunt' motor for increased power​

The super shunt motor is very powerful at 7200 strokes per minute. The number of strokes that can be delivered per minute has a great impact on the speed and efficiency of the device. The clean and precise strokes of the device are a big advantage to the world of god lovers and pet groomers.

3. 16 piece kit​

This grooming kit is a sixteen piece kit. The pieces include a powerful medium duty animal clipper with adjustable blade, stainless steel scissors, a pet styling comb, a seven attachment guide combs - 1/8 inches (3 millimetre) Red; ¼ inches (6 millimetre) Purple; 3/8 inches (10 millimetre) Blue; ½ inches (13 millimetre) Orange; 5/8 inches (16 millimetre) Yellow; ¾ inches (19 millimetre) Light Purple; 7/8 inches (22 millimetre) Green; red clipper blade guard, cleaning brush. And blade oil.

Additional products include a durable nine inch storage case and an instruction manual.

4. U clip

The U clip is perfectly suitable for trimming, full body clipping and touch ups. Fine to medium coats are delivered in good quality. You don’t need to find a professional groomer every time your dog needs a trim. This can be done at home and quite easily at that. There is maximum performance delivered with the advanced and patented motor. Substantial power and speed is a by product of the device of this calibre.

Easy to adjust to sizes number 30, 15 and 10

It is made up of high grade steel. It is long lasting and durable ensuring that it is worth every penny. It allows tough animal coats to feed and cut with efficiency and speed. Every blade is a one hundred percent tested quality approved product. This checking is done before it leaves the USA Manufacturing line.​


  • Produces high power and speed without the additional noise and heat
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easily trims
  • Can clip between fine and medium coats
  • High performance steel blades
  • Bonus instructional DVD and a grooming apron included


  • This kit is suitable only for fine to medium coats
  • Other kinds of grooming might not be able to work with this kit.

Why this product?

The Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit 16 pc. set #9484-300 makes you look forward to grooming your pet. It is no longer a chore that has to be done. Both you and your dog can look forward to these sessions together. The high performance and the low noise factor only further enhance the experience. The additional products that come with this kit including the DVD make the whole process user friendly and fun even. This product is suitable for even small dogs such as a pug mix there by making it a very popular choice in the market.​

Wahl Professional Dog Grooming Clipper Tips (Source:

Buyer’s guide for dog clippers

Every clipper has features that may or may not suit some breeds of dogs. Various models have different advantages and disadvantages. Your pet’s specific needs should be considered before picking the right one.

Please find below a buyer’s guide that needs to be considered before picking the right clipper and grooming kit for your dog.​

  • The fur of the dog – there are different types of coating to a dog – curly, wavy, silky, wiry or long.
  • Durability of the clipper – as for any product the quality and the durability play a role in deciding if it is worth your money
  • Noise – too noisy clippers are not pet friendly. The dog might get anxious or frightened even and you will have a hard time trying to trim his fur without hurting him or yourself in the process.
  • Speed and strokes per minute – the efficiency matters. The faster the work is done the better it is. Too long a trim might heat up the blades which is not a pleasant feeling. A blade which heats up slowly will be a good option in this scenario.
  • Two speed – a two speed device has an advantage over a one speed. Smaller breeds like a pug mix could be more comfortable with a two speed as you can moderate the intensity and pressure.
  • Detachable blades – blades which can be detached are more versatile in nature and can fit your hand in ease.
  • Size matters – pick a blade that is great for home use, light weight and powerful. It should be usable even for the toughest coats.

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