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Have some painting job to be done around the house? Don’t want to spend too much on a professional yet want the job to be done well? Why not do it yourself? Yes, you read that right, you can paint yourself. No, you don’t need to be experienced; you just need the right equipment.

Wondering what equipment? What you need is a paint sprayer that is easy to use, efficiently gets the work done, resulting in an expert like finish. Just any paint sprayer will not do. You need a good quality reliable sprayer to get a professional like finish.​

Let’s check Top Rated Best Airless Paint Sprayer we picked​

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Though this comparison table gives you a brief idea about the paint sprayers, it is not enough to make a buying decision. What you need is a detailed review of these products that will give you enough information to help you choose.

Detailed Review For Each Product​

Here is a detailed review of each of the three paint sprayers​

1. Graco Project Painter Plus

This stainless steel piston pump is the cheapest among the three sprayers we have selected. With advanced technology to help you complete your painting project, this could be the machine for you if you want to paint high too.


  • The pressure of the machine can be adjusted to suit your varying needs, so as to ensure you have the right pressure for the right job. If the pressure is too low or too high, the result will not meet the expectations.
  • With the stainless steel piston pump, you can spray even at a high pressure, without having to thin the paint
  • In a year, you can use this machine to paint up to 50 gallons. This is enough to complete a number of small jobs or DIY projects, thus making it a wise investment
  • Once you are done painting, you can clean it by connecting the PowerFlush adapter to the garden hose. This speeds up the entire cleaning process and it is done mess free
  • You can buy a bucket of the desired paint and paint from it directly, with the help of Flexible Suction Tube. You can use either a 5 gallon bucket or even a 1 gallon bucket, and get used to the machine and the painting process itself
  • Paint tends to dry up and eventually clog the tip. The RAC IV SwitchTip allows you continue spraying without a break. All you will have to do reverse the tip
  • This sprayer can be fitted with a hose as long as 50 feet, to reach up to two stories. Now, this machine is enough to even paint your house without having to go to a professional
  • Even thick paints like marquee can be sprayed evenly on to the surface, straight from the bucket, without thinning the paint
  • It is easy to use, easy to clean and lightweight. A perfect accompaniment for those who need to paint small areas.


  • The parts used within the machine are not of high quality, hence resulting in defects and accidents when the machine is in use, resulting in paint spraying or spilling in other places
  • When defective parts result in paint spillage, not only does it waste your paint and add to the expense, but also increases the work load as cleaning up paint is not an easy task

The Verdict

This sprayer can produce a professional like finish to the painting jobs, but would be suitable for those who know how to handle a sprayer as wrong handling could result in a lot of over sprays. It would also be advisable to do a trial run at a small area before starting on the main, bigger project, so as to ensure there are no defects and you can handle it well.​

2. Graco Magnum X5

Another paint sprayer from the infamous Graco, slightly more expensive than the Graco 257025, this machine has a higher capacity and can also be used more frequently. We found this sprayer to be efficient, compact and technically advanced; hence it is featured on this list.


  • No matter what your project size is, this machine can be used by adjusting the pressure accordingly. Hence, you don’t have to own different machines for different size of projects
  • Not all paint are thin and this machine allows you to spray even the thick ones at high pressure, without requiring you to make it thinner
  • Saves more time and reduces your work by allowing you to spray directly from the paint bucket itself
  • Though compact, you can use this to paint up to 125 gallons in a year. Now that is quite a number of small jobs that can be done with a single machine
  • It is easy to clean after use. All you will have to do is connect it to the garden hose, use some soap liquid and flip the RAC IV SwitchTip
  • The machine works only when the trigger is engaged. When you release it, the motor also goes off, thus preventing the machine from overheating
  • Comes in a heavy duty stand that stays steady while painting, thus reducing the unwanted accidents
  • The control knobs on the sprayer are very effective and easy to use
  • This machine can be used with a hose as long as 25 feet, thus enabling you to reach better heights than other sprayers in the market
  • It is small, compact and easily portable. The light weight of the machine and the convenient handles makes it easy to carry it around


  • Though this machine can spray straight from a bucket, spraying a thick marquee paint may take more time and might require some cleaning in between
  • It tends to use up a lot of paint, thus requiring you to spend more on paint than you normally would when you paint it by hand

The Verdict

This compact sprayer can be used for small projects around the house. If you are a DIY type of person who loves to do everything yourself, this machine could be a wise investment as you can paint both inside and outside the house too and get a professional finish with ease. You can move it around without any extra help and can also store is away easily, due to its compact size.​

3. Graco Magnum X7

This HiBoy paint sprayer from Graco is a very cost efficient, handy equipment that can get your small painting jobs out of the way in no time. Be it the inside of your house or the deck area, this sprayer can paint the place with a professional finish. Be it regular paint stains or heavy latex, you can use them all with this machine and it is equipped enough to let you paint as frequently as every quarter.


  • The machine can paint up to 125 gallons of paint every year. This allows to paint more on a regular basis
  • It is equipped with a stainless steel piston pump that allows you to paint even thick paints at high pressure
  • The suction tube is flexible and can be used with a paint bucket directly
  • All the paint can be cleaned easily by connecting the sprayer to a garden hose with the help of the PowerFlush adapter
  • It can support up to 100 feet of paint hose, giving a lot of flexibility to move around
  • It is compact and light, hence can be placed on any scaffolding and the area can be painted with ease
  • When the tip gets clogged, you can just flip the RAC IV SwitchTip and continue spraying. This ensures there is no break in your work, thus giving an even and smooth finish that looks uniform throughout


  • Some customers have experienced clogging of paint after few minutes of usage
  • Despite having the SwitchTip, customers the sprayer tends to get jammed if used continuously with thick paints
  • It is quite expensive, and is also the most expensive machine on this list

The Verdict

This machine can be a good investment for those who do multiple paint jobs a year. If the full capacity of 125 gallons per year is used, the cost of the machine can be neutralized. However, if it is for a one time project, it may be a big investment and may not be very beneficial or cost efficient. Professional painters with small paint jobs spread throughout the year can benefit from investing in this machine.​

Comparison And Recommendation

Last update on 2018-08-13 PST - Details

Of the three sprayers we have reviewed above, the Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer and Graco Magnum 262805 X7 HiBoy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer are the top two options we would recommend to suit varying project needs.​

If your requirement is small and you don’t plan to pain very frequently, a machine with a low capacity per year will suffice. The 257025 project painter with its capacity of 50 gallons per year will be able cover your small projects spread over the year.​

If you plan on painting more frequently, you will need a machine with a higher capacity, hence the Magnum X7 will be suitable. With the ability to support a long hose and paint more frequently in a year, this machine can be useful for those professional painters who are starting their business or want a secondary machine.​

Both these machines can be used with thick and thin paints and can be cleaned easily. Hence you need not worry about which machine to use for which paint and if it would get messy. Both are compact, light and easily portable, thus making them a great choice for DIY needs.

Buying Guide​

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when you are out buying a spray painter for your painting needs:

Last update on 2018-08-13 PST - Details


​There are three main types of sprayers:

  • Airless – This type pumps out the paint at high pressure, causing it to spray around in droplets, thereby giving an even and smooth finish
  • Compressed Air – This type as the name suggests, uses compressed air to force the paint out to give an even finish but use up a lot of paint and require an air compressor too
  • HVLP – These high volume low pressure sprayers use a steady volume of air to let the paint stick well to the surface. the low pressure reduced the usage of paint but can be used only with thin paints

Portability: When you are using a sprayer for your home painting and DIY project needs, you need something that is light and easily portable, so that you can use it at different places. Check the weight of the machine and if it has handles to help you carry it with ease.

Flexibility​: Today, there are many sprayers that allow you to adjust the pressure according to your needs. you can paint at high or low pressure using the same machine. Sprayers even allow you to use different types of paint. This flexibility ensures you don’t require multiple machines for different project needs.

Power​: Different types of sprayers are powered differently. Choose the one that suits your need in terms of control options, power source availability, etc. You can choose a machine that has electrical controls or even cordless controls. If you don’t have a power outlet, you can opt for a machine that is fuel powered.

Clean Up​

Clean Up​: The most important and complicated process is the clean up after painting. Paint tends to dry up and clog the spray guns. There are models that require you to pull apart every piece and clean up and there are sprayers that can be attached to the garden hose and some washing liquid, and it will be cleaned up nice and easily. Each brand and model offer different options, hence ensure you check this option before you buy the sprayer.

Accessories: Different sprayers require different accessories in addition to the machine itself. Make a note of these while buying your sprayer to ensure you are not caught off guard when additional purchases have to be made. Once the sprayer is purchased, purchase these accessories too, else the sprayer cannot be used.


Buying a paint sprayer requires more information and consideration than just the cost and brand name. We have conducted enough research and checked with a number of customers to provide you an in-depth article with all the details required to make an informed purchase decision.

Hope this article has given you enough information to help you decide on the best paint sprayer for your paint needs. do share this with others and help them make the right choice. Do share your comments and feedback with us, to help us provide better information to our readers like you.​

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